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Oasis swamp La Vela
Located in the second breast of Mar Piccolo of Taranto, WWF oasis for many years and more recently regional reserve-oriented, the oasis La Vela is a treasure for the natural heritage of the city of Taranto. Rich flora mainly halophyte vegetation (species adapted to live in brackish water) and even more rich and interesting fauna is characterized by sedentary species (herons, egrets, cormorants etc.) And migration (flamingos, knights of Italy , shelduck, avocets, spoonbills and many others). This natural jewel needs all of us to resist degradation and to be accessible to as many people as possible: we all learn to know it to love it and defend it!

How to reach the swamp
From Taranto take the road to San Giorgio(C.Battisti), arrived at the junction of Circummarpiccolo past the Shell Gas Station, continue and pass, even if you find signs of a closed road barriers, after 2 km you will find on your left the parking lots of the Swamp La Vela. For the tour we ask you to pay a free contribution for the arrangement , insurance, and guided tour.
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Little attention
As we seek in every way not to scare away the birds of the marsh, then we do everything possible to prevent us from seeing. Therefore we wear dark clothes to be able to be confused with nature as the observation can be made in the best possible way. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

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