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PERCORSI: La Vela "on the rock"
La Vela "on the rock"

Picturesque promenade from the swamp, continue along the Strait of Aiedda, one of the few rivers in the Ionic arc of Taranto. Among the Mediterranean green, vineyards and olive groves you can appreciate the slow transition from 'coastal environment in typical karst landscape of the Apulian hinterland, characterized by fossiliferous limestones and limestone, caves which are easily accessible; This morphology is typically dominated by marine terraces.
The return trip includes stops worthy of historical and architectural notes: the masseria The Lamia, greek-Roman era ruins, the former convent of the Battendieri and the wonderful sources of Cervaro.
The path is open for walking, hiking, walking and green. For more information, please contact WWF Taranto. We recommend comfortable clothing, water and picnic lunch, hiking boots.


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