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PUNTI D'INTERESSE: L'ex convento dei Battendieri
Ex convento Battendieri

Place where people where living in the Hellenistic period (V-III century BC.), where finds of votive statues about a rural sanctuary dedicated to Artemis Bendis and a necropolis are reported; The site is characterized by the presence of the small river, Cervaro, located along one of the roads paracostieri of pre- and proto-historic origin. The area was not involved in anyarchaeological excavations, so we get these brief news in 1597, with the construction of a monastery (now restored) with small church dedicated to St. Lawrence and St. George. The monastery / farm is now called Battendieri as it was intended for fulling clothes for the Capuchins in Taranto.
The processing plant of clothes included a number of tanks and mills for the use of water of the river and also a second source located near the mouth (such structures were partly lost).


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