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PUNTI D'INTERESSE: La masseria Le Lamie
La Vela "on the sea"

The site of the Masseria Le Lamie is reported for the first time in the register of the province of Taranto developed in 1978/81 by a working group formed by various experts. The main feature of the site is the presence of a major Neolithic necropolis, in the south of the farm, and a very wide area of pottery fragments, attesting a long continuity of life from the Archaic period (seventh century . BC, since the founding of the Greek colony of Taranto) until late antiquity (VI century AD.).This area of fragments, interpreted as Komas greek and then Roman pagus, is located along a major east-west oriented roads linking the Bradano valley to the coast of Brindisi. A number of settlements is located along this road crossing, unfortunately never systematically investigated. Added to this is the likely presence of rural shrines that governed entire sections,alternated with fortified positions or simple fences prepared to welcome the flocks of vertical transhumance.
The archaeological sites of the Farmhouse Lamie also show the density of archaeological territory east of Mar Piccolo and one between Carosino and Monteiasiindicating the presence of important North and South roads.

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