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Visiting rules

The Oasis swamp La Vela is a safe environment and to benefiting from it you need to behave accordingly to the rules of the place where you are.
  • follow the guide's instructions;
  • keep your voice low;
  • proceed slowly to have the time to make observations and meetings;
  • Choose practical clothing, possibly not vivid colors;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • do not stray from the path laid out;
  • leave the trail and staging area equipped clean;
  • do not pick flowers and essences;
  • hold off cell phones and radios.

Opening Hours

The Oasis is open to visitors every Saturday and Sunday and holidays from 9:00 to 13:00. The schedules of entry for the tour are as follows: 10,00 / 11,00 / 12,00. Extraordinary visits (minimum 20 persons) must be booked by sending an e-mail and contact the following numbers:
[email protected]
Cell: 339 8918346

Checklist of the species in the reserve La Vela

Numerous species of birds can be observed during the year in the Oasis La Vela...
The number of species increases during the winter and especially in spring and late summer-autumn when the birds use the Oasis La Vela as a resting place during their long migratory journey, finding a safe haven here and plenty of food...

Species that can be seen both in Autumn (September-October) and Spring (March - April-May) during migration.

Cavaliere d’Italia

Uccello migratore delle zone mediterranee. Gli adulti sono lunghi dai 33 ai 40 cm e possono pesare anche 200 g.


Species that spend the winter in the Oasis La Vela to fly to the nesting sites during the period of March-April.


Species that spend all year in the oasis.


Species that build their nests in the oasis.


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